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Jobs Study : The Central Africa SME Fund, Democratic Republic of Congo. (Inglês)

The Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) ventures program of the International Finance Corporation (IFC) invests in funds targeting International Development Association (IDA) fragile and frontier countries where acute development needs persist. The Central Africa SME fund (CASF) is one of the funds to which IFC has committed risk capital and technical assistance (TA). CASF provides private equity, long-term debt and management expertise to SMEs in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and the Central African Republic (CAR). This study gives insight into the employment effects of CASF's investments in SMEs in the fragile state context of the DRC. The study is based on a sample of eleven portfolio SMEs located in Kinshasa. The structure of this report is as follows: Chapter 2 discusses the study's approach, data sources and limitations; Chapter 3 introduces the macro-economic context of the DRC, as well as CASF and its portfolio; Chapter 4 presents the results of the value chain analysis of sample SMEs; Chapter 5 provides insights into indirect and induced jobs related to sample SMEs; Chapter 6 discusses how fragility in the DRC affects CASF's activities, and vice versa; and Chapter 7 presents the study's conclusions and recommendations.


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    Shara,Luba, Redqueen,Steward

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    Congo, República Democrática do

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    Jobs Study : The Central Africa SME Fund, Democratic Republic of Congo.

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    small and medium enterprise; value chain; Fast-Moving Consumer Goods; fragile and conflict; Profit and Loss Statement; Micro and Small Business; customs and trade regulations; Occupational health and safety; pay taxes; road transport service; changes in commodity prices; health and safety risk; annual average growth rate; food and beverage sector; product category; jobs supported; access to finance; call centre; print shop; manufactured goods; reliability of supply; working condition; political instability; value chain analysis; lack of availability; development finance institution; share of revenue; number of jobs; good business practice; lower interest rate; labour force growth; quality of data; increasing opportunity costs; loss of revenue; conflict and fragility; history of conflict; labor force growth; fund under management; low purchasing power; price of copper; decline in revenue; types of service; raw agricultural product; commodity price fluctuation; cost of goods; international transport; output per worker; limited partner; share of import; quality and efficiency; international hotel; domestic transport; total tax payments; risk of conflict; demand for product; economies of scale; term capital; seminars and workshops; cost of living; real estate business; expenditure on good; market research agency; in hospital; development of communication; earnings before interest; response to complaints; total sample; safe working environment; sale of good; corporate income tax; equality of opportunity; human resource policies; human resource policy; interest rate period; expenditures of household; data collection process; low growth rate; foreign currency reserve; low oil price; employment growth rate; cost of housing; cost housing; access to land; fund for peace; natural resource sector; high inflation rate; net job creation; depreciation and amortization; difficulties due; owner of property; new employment opportunity; local products; salary expenses; import product; foreign supplier; value added; local source; domestic supplier; salary payment; employment agency; formal sector; employment effect; personal loan; supply chain; demonstration effect; logistics provider; previous job; fuel station; unfair competition; young people; full-time employment; political tension; labour intensity; big business; investment opportunities; state capacity; other sectors; business environment; international standard; industrial base; illicit trade; school fee; manufacturing sector; foreign good; financial statement; vicious cycle; capital productivity; transport company; investment criterion; informal sector; labour productivity; foreign citizen; medical coverage; skill development; local supply; fragile states; congolese franc; company operating; recent years; food producer; household spending; data gaps; miscellaneous food; foreign client; paper product; management skill; domestic origin; economic sector; financial flow; service company; local market; annual sale; local economy; investment approach; public official; increased opportunity; currency risk; agricultural sector; middle class; risk capital; Private Equity; security service; primary sector; administrative service; total output; logistics company; enterprise survey; external training; reputational risk; domestic supply; job training; long-term financing; total employment; employment opportunities; food product; job opportunity; chicken breast; import companies; tax official; financial system; map reading; job opportunities; grace period; net profit; energy availability; fund management; operational improvement; trade service; price target; representative sample; fiscal authority; company revenue; poor infrastructure; Public Transport; local input; market player; Tax Administration; trade companies; Cash flow; labour standard; manufactured products; capital intensity; rural market; best practice; fuel cost; management expertise; foreign entity; target company; long-term debt; Fund Siz



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