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Honduras - Water and Sanitation Modernization Additional Financing : indigenous peoples plan (Espanhol)

The objectives of the WSS Modernization Additional Financing are (a) to improve the sustainability, efficiency, and reliability of the Recipient's water supply and sanitation (WSS) services in eligible municipalities; (b) to improve the performance of the Recipient's national WSS sector institutions in the exercise of their respective roles in accordance with the WSS Sector Framework Law; and (c) to improve the Recipient’s capacity to respond promptly and effectively to an eligible emergency. The Indigenous Peoples Policy of the World Bank aims to: (i) ensure that development projects respect the dignity, human rights and identity of indigenous communities, (ii) that adverse impacts are avoided or projects minimized, (iii) the benefits set for indigenous communities are culturally appropriate, and (iv) that indigenous communities are consulted and participate in an informed manner in the projects. At this time none of the municipalities who could be affected by the project have been identified as indigenous or Afro-Honduran. However, this framework has been prepared as a tool in the event that they are identified at a future date. Two possible scenarios in which the sub-project PROMOSAS could affect indigenous communities are the integrated watershed approach to water producing significant efforts involving land use; construction, modification and / or expansion of water systems subprojects; and the construction of drainage systems involving a negative impact on family or communal property. If potential adverse effects on indigenous peoples are identified, an action plan will be presented which encompasses the necessary measures to avoid, reduce as much as possible, mitigate or compensate the adverse effects on indigenous peoples.


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    Plano para os Povos Indígenas

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    América Latina e Caribe,

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    Honduras - Water and Sanitation Modernization Additional Financing : indigenous peoples plan

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