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Doing Business in South Africa 2018 (Inglês)

Doing business in South Africa 2018 focuses on business regulations and their enforcement across five doing business areas. It goes beyond Johannesburg to benchmark eight other South African urban areas across four regulatory areas. It also measures the process of trading across doing business in South Africa 2018 borders through four of South Africa’s maritime ports. This report contains data current as of May 1, 2018 and includes comparisons with other economies based on data from doing business 2018: reforming to create jobs.


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    África do Sul,

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    Doing Business in South Africa 2018

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    construction permit; Electricity; quality of regulation; international good practice; reliability of supply; urban location; land administration system; peer learning; order of business; local policy makers; regulatory reform agenda; maritime port; revenue management system; law and regulation; gender discriminatory practice; Global Indicator; lack of staff; Financial Management System; improving service delivery; economic development support; frontier methodology; privileges and immunity; shipment of good; quality of supply; geographic information system; Poverty & Inequality; land use management; water and sewerage; south african rand; electricity connection; regulatory quality; regulatory area; Business Regulation; regulatory process; electricity utilities; Municipalities; average performance; property contract; local entrepreneur; formal sector; electronic platform; property transfer; electricity indicator; Job Creation; regulatory practice; permit system; metropolitan municipalities; business condition; commercial dispute; medium-size enterprise; judicial process; process efficiency; national regulation; documentary requirement; reform effort; property registration; local good; financial system; property value; transaction system; good governance; informal sector; trade value; maritime trade; global trade; positive outcome; commercial litigation; inclusive society; creating job; comparative advantage; building regulation; trade process; local fee; electricity business; regulatory business; contract enforcement; government play; index design; large business; local regulation; local municipality; legal institution; exclusive competence; political stability; business environment; global distribution; building code; international boundary; global scale; government leadership; global economy; absolute poverty; income source; income inequality; indicator value; redundant process; approval process; connection fee; legislative action; liability insurance; historical data; Business Law; logistics chain; regulatory procedure; local tariff; registered company; domestic good; regulatory efficiency; commercial purpose; commercial court; case management; judicial capacity; geographic coverage; resolution mechanism; security deposit; site inspection; internal process; insurance companies; construction material; private land; building inspection; insurance regime; original work; sole responsibility; fire department; utility provider; copyright owner; thematic area; safety mechanism; gender dimension; political will; benchmarking exercise; supply use; management software; approval system; monitoring progress; reform process; labor strike; municipal executive; organizational structure; court system; export good; central coordination; domestic transport; formal business; market size; Macroeconomic Stability; inclusive growth; climate resilience; staff retention; local court; application fee; local jurisdiction; positive impact; Property title; relative distance; increased transparency; direct authority; core city; Public Transport; human settlement



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