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West Africa - Regional Communications Infrastructure Project (Inglês)

Ratings for the Regional Communications Infrastructure Project for West Africa were as follows: outcomes were satisfactory, risk to development outcome was substantial, Bank performance was satisfactory, and borrower performance was moderately satisfactory. Some lessons learned included: limited IDA resources resulted in a project focus on the supply side without significant attention to supporting demand and looking more holistically at sector needs in terms of content development, entrepreneurship to create content and attention to the gender dimension. While the project focus was mandated by IDA availability, a more robust approach that tackles both demand and supply, ideally in parallel or a programmatic phased approach is needed to ensure sustainability and ensure higher adoption rates to further drive down costs. Broadband internet projects are not only possible in post-conflict countries, but can be a game changer as demonstrated by the role of mobile connectivity in addressing Liberia and Sierra Leone’s Ebola crisis. The Bank can play an important role in such situations by supporting public sector agencies and providing reassurance and risk mitigation for private sector actors. A PPP structure can support the implementation of large scale private infrastructure in fragile or small markets. One area of contention among CCL stakeholders in Liberia is how operations and maintenance of CCL should be provided. In Sierra Leone, the private sector shareholders were accused of failing to adequately maintain and manage the landing station. As such, documentation establishing PPPs should detail responsibilities for operation and maintenance to ensure continued buy-in from all parties. Similarly, where initial capacity is allocated by ownership share, the impact of any capacity expansion should be clearly outlined.


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    Conclusão da Implementação e Relatórios sobre Resultados

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    West Africa - Regional Communications Infrastructure Project

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