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Labor Regulations in Russia : An Overview (Inglês)

The recent World development report on jobs notes that government’s role should be to set conditions for private sector job creation, and remove obstacles to creating jobs with the highest development payoffs. Policies should also address imperfections in the labor market, such as inadequate or asymmetric information, uneven bargaining power, limited ability to enforce long-term commitments, and insufficient insurance against employment-related risks. The objective of this report is to identify key rigidities in labor legislation in Russia, and propose ways to enhance its flexibility while supporting social protection of workers. The study is based on a comparative analysis of the main indicators or parameters of the individual labor contract, as listed in labor legislation. Internationally-accepted main labor standards in related areas are referenced. In particular, the report is organized into six chapters. Chapter 1 presents the basic data on labor markets in Russia associated with labor regulations. Chapter 2 discusses essential elements of the employment contract as well as emerging forms of contractual relationships, with the focus on temporary employment and part-time employment contracts. Chapter 3 examines the establishment of the minimum wage, including setting the minimum wage, the level and differentiation of minimum wages. Chapter 4 presents the main rules and regulations regarding the termination of employment contracts for economic reasons. Chapter 5 presents a discussion on enforcement of labor laws in Russia. Chapter 6 discusses aspects of social dialogue in Russia.


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    Labor Regulations in Russia : An Overview

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    employment contract; labor contract; labor regulation; minimum wage; employer having; Labor Market; fixed term contract; short period of time; occupational safety and health; restrictive labor market regulation; active labor market program; information and communication technology; access to social security; high level of employment; Micro and Small Enterprises; private sector job creation; employment relationship; part-time work; part-time employment; private employment agency; temporary employment; termination of employment; collective bargaining agreement; access to training; place of work; employment protection legislation; enforcement of labor; social security scheme; flexible work arrangement; labor market situation; limited liability company; labor market policy; public employment service; leave of absence; approximation of law; scope of service; employment injury benefit; informal sector enterprise; healthy work environment; obligations of parties; temporary agency work; unfair labor practices; forms of contract; social security contribution; payment for service; productive employment opportunity; labor market characteristic; labor market institution; minimum wage regulation; areas of expertise; emerging market economy; domestic labor market; unemployed young people; freedom of association; trade union right; labor market indicator; consultations with stakeholders; piece of legislation; business development service; labor market rigidity; amounts of compensation; fluctuation in demand; social security payment; high wage premium; access to finance; gross national income; formal sector employment; Labor market rigidities; number of inspections; private sector worker; subsistence minimum; total employment; working day; labor legislation; civil law; Social Protection; bargaining power; severance pay; enforcement capacity; labor standard; unemployment benefit; temporary worker; coverage rate; temporary contract; legal entities; casual work; seasonal work; oral contract; educated workforce; written contract; legal entity; labor inspector; union density; overtime work; informal employment; night work; sick leave; standard contract; employment security; high share; Informal Jobs; small employer; Informal Economy; private agency; temporary job; international standard; salaried worker; maternity protection; annual leave; working condition; legal regulation; national legislation; unemployment insurance; weak enforcement; subjective assessment; unemployment rate; full-time employment; Labor Union; working-age population; federal bank; employment outcome; pension scheme; manufacturing sector; pension system; business expansion; unemployed people; political institution; common feature; business entry; procurement procedure; public tender; financial service; tax burden; underground economy; skill development; driving force; Grey Economy; insurance service; guarantee scheme; regional disparity; business structure; entrepreneurship training; personnel cost; Transition economies; transition economy; fringe benefit; firing cost; permanent employment; start-up venture; Child care; human capital; permanent worker; demand shock; contractual arrangement; professional training; natural conditions; legal restriction; emergency works; country survey; labor demand; employment policy; Employment Policies; mediation services; bankruptcy proceeding; joint-stock company; individual entrepreneur; dismissal protection; labor right; paid leave; disabled child; pregnant woman; legal employment; medium firms; employee share; part-time contract; living condition; Medical care; employment injuries; regional variation; restrictive regulation; federal legislation; executive bodies; safety act; legislative framework; tax rate; gender dimension; permanent job; federal law; staff management; working time; medical examination; professional isolation; online platform; self-employed individual; portfolio work; modern technology; management capacity; job sharing



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