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China - ZheGanLine Railway Electrification Speedup Renovation Project : environmental assessment (Vol. 2) : Environmental impact report (Inglês)

The objective of the ZheGanLine Railway Electrification Speedup Renovation Project for China is construct five extra large bridges and fifteen bridges across the river. The construction of these bridges will impact on the surface water quality the impact will come from the oil that may leak into the river; the construction under water will cause silts to be suspended, the loss of abandoned construction waste or construction material, construction clay mortar and domestic wastewater near construction site. In operation period, the sewage sources are mainly locomotive depot, wastewater that contains oil discharged from production sections such as vehicle section and domestic wastewater discharged from each station. The main air pollution in construction phase will be from construction dust. After implementation of the project, the existing diesel engine traction locomotives will be replaced by electric traction locomotive. Domestic waste and train waste generated from each station and section will also increase. A new environment impact, electromagnetic pollution will occur. The local land resources will definitely be impacted due to the large amount of land acquisition and removal. Following are some of the mitigation measures: (i) the railway line will be carefully selected to avoid occupying the sensitive ecosystems; (ii) the earthworks will use the excavated earth as backfill where at all possible and minimize the occupation of farmland, cultivated land, and woodlands; (iii) vertical landscaping shall be carried out on the outer sides of the railway stations; (iv) the operation of high-level noise construction shall be 200 meters far from the residential areas, and the low-level noise equipment shall be adopted. Main construction activities shall be strictly controlled within the daytime. Temporary sound-insulation facilities shall be used to decrease the effect of mechanical noise. Construction vehicles shall be arranged to steer clear of the residential areas whenever possible. At the ZheGanLine same time, such vehicles are forbidden to go through the residential areas at night; and (v) watering shall be carried out for temporary roads that have not been laid that are built for the various railway construction site. It shall be done two times per day (one time in morning and another in afternoon) to ease the pollution of dust emissions. The number of watering shall be augmented in dry or blustery contractors Zheanline weather. Covering canvas shall be used for the transportation of cement, sand, lime, and so on. Construction temporary construction roads shall stay away from the existing residential areas whenever possible.




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