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Nigeria - Community-Based Urban Upgrading Project - environmental assessment (Vol. 7) : Ogun State environmental assessment (Inglês)

The project aims at enabling access to basic services in poor settlements, and upgrading basic infrastructure in seven selected states. This environmental assessment examines the potential environmental adversity by state, comprising a separate volume for each state. Project areas include parts of ancient cities, with no modern urban planning, and narrow earth roads, with no drainage systems, often leading to floods. In turn, this provides for easy breeding ground to vector disease carriers, conducive to high mortality rates. Mitigation addresses health, education, and issues related to construction works as follows. During roads, and drainage construction, community participation will be promoted by intensive awareness campaigns, to prevent refuse dumping along the open drain channels, and the misuse of improved structures. To this end, polythene bags will be provided to households, to be disposed at refuse bins, which will then be emptied regularly by trucks and tippers at selected disposal sites. Inadequate borehole systems, and treatment of steel tanks cause water contamination, thus strict monitoring of water supply systems will be ensured in design specifications, and fully observed, and enforced in compliance with local regulations. In addition, water users committees will be established community wise, to ensure regulations are observed. Operation and maintenance of sanitation facilities will be in strict observance with local regulations, and in compliance with Bank's environmental guidelines, to prevent surface water, and groundwater contamination, thus containing the spread of water borne diseases. Sanitary landfills will be located at selected sites for wastes disposal; traffic safety measures will be enforced; while roads signaling, and lighting will be provided to minimize accidents, and noise disturbances; and, trees and vegetation will be replanted to contain erosion, and improve air qualities.


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    AIM Consultants Ltd. Integrated Engineering Associates Afri-Projects Consortium Riveroaks, Drake and Sweeney Ltd. Dyokes Consultants Ltd. Allott (Nigeria) Lt. Babtie Group

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    Avaliação Ambiental

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    Ogun State environmental assessment

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    community base;classroom block;access to basic service;urban and regional planning;road right of way;social and economic development;adverse environmental effect;commercial land use;family planning programme;number of classrooms;volume of flow;cost of finance;flora and fauna;waste disposal site;refuse disposal site;waste disposal system;improvement of road;lack of space;windows and door;exploitation of mineral;health delivery service;construction and operation;environmental impact statement;tropical rain forest;Oil & Gas;Oil and Gas;international environment;local government area;distribution of rainfall;lack of infrastructure;road construction equipment;acceptable waste management;demolition of buildings;adequate water supply;small scale irrigation;cost of living;small scale industry;Water and Land;standard of living;study area;rainy season;ceiling joists;wind speed;public toilet;health centre;Land Fill;refuse collection;relative humidity;wooden windows;window frame;dry season;Environmental Policy;state capital;dry months;road work;environmental damage;wind direction;field survey;environmental cost;mitigation measure;street light;open dump;iron sheet;health facility;youth association;Urban Infrastructure;educational institution;daily temperature;community facility;Public Services;beneficial impact;dump site;active recreation;built environment;health hazard;environmental planning;hard wood;housing stock;religious affiliations;educational status;atmospheric attenuation;cultural reasons;extended family;communal facility;storm water;infrastructural facility;management improvement;employment pattern;occupational group;pit latrine;sewage system;literacy level;urban upgrade;residential building;positive impact;strategic location;storage tank;cultural change;project operation;construction work;environmental cycle;low temperature;housing area;climatic condition;external influence;material resource;corrective measure;Natural Resources;internal walls;democratic community;Population Density;wooden floor;retaining wall;waste collection;geographical location;marital status;external wall;basic knowledge;international standard;health clinic;health clinics;paramount ruler;private property;emergency treatment;age structure;general population;industrial activity;residential area;toilet facility;commercial activity;urban population;river bed;direct beneficiaries;sex ratio;Urban Renewal;cultural factor;resources management;production cost;industrial innovation;external condition;basic infrastructure;impact analysis;environmental regulation;flat topography;international environmental;environmental issue;scenic areas;soil management;environmental awareness;recreational development;mitigative measure;petroleum product;natural conservation;ownership pattern;architectural character;residential land;storage facility;separation process;social environment;water pollution;Coral Reef;mangrove swamp;small island;youth club;poor settlements;road sign;school child;safe crossing;wet season;historical perspective;peak traffic;ancient city;wind blow;public use;environmental problem;atmospheric disturbances;heavy rain;atmospheric pollution;slum area;regulatory provision;speed limit;domestic consumption;construction activities;road link;social facility;utility vehicle;arterial road;rainfall total;annual rainfall;tropical environment;rain days;urban centre;sea breeze;



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