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Afghanistan - Digital Central Asia South Asia (CASA) Project : environmental assessment : Environmental and social management framework (Inglês)

The objective of the Digital Central Asia South Asia (CASA) Project is to increase access to digital services throughout Afghanistan, via a regionally integrated, secure and affordable digital infrastructure, including the expansion of e-Government services and digital job opportunities. Some of the negative impacts and mitigation measures include: early installation and regular maintenance of drainage and diversion structures, silt traps, etc; drainage outlets to discharge into vegetated areas if possible; vegetation along watercourses and drainage lines to be retained if possible; retention of topsoil for restoration (including tilling and re-vegetation) as soon as practicable; contractors shall implement best driving practices when approaching and leaving construction sites to minimize noise generation created through activities such as unnecessary acceleration and breaking; Strict control of timing of activities within authorized working hours, including banning work at night; trenching across roads, and construction vehicles and trucks movement shall be scheduled during general traffic off-peak hours to avoid traffic congestion and hazards; employ safe traffic control measures, including temporary road signs and flag persons to warn of dangerous conditions, and traffic diversions; and Minimize noise levels and vibrations (e.g., sound insulation, select equipment with lower sound power levels, install acoustic enclosures for equipment, install suitable mufflers on engine exhausts and compressors components).




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