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Concept Environmental and Social Review Summary (ESRS) - BBIN Regional Transport and Trade Facilitation Program - Nepal Phase 1 - P177902 (Inglês)


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    Nora,Jan Erik

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    Environmental and Social Review Summary

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    Sul da Ásia,

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    Concept Environmental and Social Review Summary (ESRS) - BBIN Regional Transport and Trade Facilitation Program - Nepal Phase 1 - P177902

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    Environmental and Social Review Summary; traffic-related accident; community health and safety; cultural heritage management; Land Acquisition and Resettlement; sustainable management; Occupational health and safety; environmental and social assessments; Environmental and Social Impact; health and safety issue; Environment and Natural Resources; Indigenous and Vulnerable People; Social Risk Rating; capacity building support; construction and operation; fruit and vegetable; impacts on biodiversity; loss of habitat; road improvement works; appropriate mitigation measures; waste disposal practices; globally important populations; species of mammal; built up area; institutional capacity building; species of bird; species of reptiles; accessible by road; use of wastewater; use of security; categories of worker; construction and rehabilitation; law and regulation; safety of worker; risk for disease; Water and Land; risk management capacity; fatal traffic accident; fragmentation of forest; adequate water supply; acres of land; pollution mitigation measure; species of fish; project affected persons; displacement and resettlement; resettlement planning process; sand and gravel; trade and transportation; value of trade; strategies for gender; finance and infrastructure; customs and traditions; disposal of waste; female-headed household; severity of impact; cultural heritage site; intangible cultural heritage; standard operating procedure; Water and Energy; construction activities; project impact; labor influx; environmental risk; indigenous communities; indigenous community; involuntary resettlement; indigenous people; protected area; Indigenous Peoples; technical feasibility; civil works; urban setting; construction work; Infectious Disease; port facility; indigenous group; wildlife species; capacity assessment; illegal logging; financial intermediaries; Program of Activities; initial screening; managing risk; risk assessment; sensitive locations; road traffic; construction material; stakeholder engagement; road section; custom house; national legislation; swamp deer; religious structure; cumulative impact; country law; wildlife poaching; sexual harassment; residential property; perishable good; large mammal; hand hygiene; forced labor; emergency preparedness; response procedure; worker training; major road; social consequence; public space; preparedness plan; transport service; alternative route; stakeholder consultation; contract worker; marginalized communities; social inclusion; project operation; stakeholder concern; feedback mechanism; communication strategy; noise pollution; institutional requirements; joint training; Research Organizations; public consultation; social standard; think tank; civil society; transport operator; vegetative cover; creating job; general assessment; border management; payment schedule; border crossing; remuneration rate; multimodal transport; contractual agreement; Natural Event; coastal area; labor requirement; natural disaster; steep topography; environmental issue; construction site; Sex Trafficking; young girl; construction equipment; endangered species; financing request; ecological function; agricultural land; natural habitat; infrastructure work; vulnerable household; social landscape; business operators; residential homes; Animal Husbandry; land use; sanitation facility; safeguard policy; Safeguard Policies; security arrangement; public safety; construction process; hazardous substance; improper disposal; religious sites; senior operations; project datum; borrower's commitment; counterpart funding; Borrowing Countries; transport investment; social issue; project costing; physical characteristic; in work; private land; project intervention; targeted intervention; global trade; truck volume; road work; migration corridor; forest degradation; commercial standing; forest clearance; Trade Policy; Trade Policies; construction stage; water bodies; air pollutant; residential building; Solar Power



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