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China - Renewable Energy Scale-Up Program (CRESP) Project : environmental assessment : Changjiang'ao Wind Power Field in Pingtan of Fujian (Inglês)

This environmental assessment for the China Renewable Energy Scale-Up Program (CRESP), which expands the use of renewable energy resources, discusses likely negative environmental impacts and proposals to mitigate them. The issues include the following: Reduce water and land pollution caused by setting a sediment basin and oil trap for factory sewage, using septic tanks to control domestic sewage, treating domestic sewage, and isolating and fencing disposal sites, using temporary dump sites in the construction area, sending waste to a government-approved landfill weekly, and strictly executing a wastewater discharge standard, and recovering land after site removal and replanting. To control noise nuisance, select low-noise equipment, use shock absorbers and noise insulation, schedule reasonable operation times, ban night construction but if needed give local people advance notice, prohibit night driving, and warn local residents if blasting is needed. To control dust, use dustproof covers for machinery and cement areas, and spray area and access roads. To promote worker health and safety, set up medical facilities and encourage hygiene control, and train workers. To reduce soil erosion and surface water runoff, plan construction for the dry season, use designated sites for deposits, avoid disposal in water bodies, use silt traps, and restore farmland. Get official approval before proceeding with construction when finding cultural artifacts. Ban the purchase of any electrical or hydro mechanical equipment that contains polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs).


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    East China Investigation and Design Institution Nanjing Lark World Environment Technical Enginee The Institute of Power Explorating and Designing

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    Changjiang'ao Wind Power Field in Pingtan of Fujian

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