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Philippines - Livestock Development Project (Inglês)

The proposed loan would assist the Government in carrying out its livestock development program through supervised agricultural credit administered by the Development Bank or the Philippines (DBP), assisted by consultants. Credit would be provided as follows: (a) to about 200 farmers owning less than 10 ha each for coconut and beef fattening operations; (b) to about 200 farmers owning 10 to 50 ha each for coconut and beef fattening and breeding operations; (c) to 25 hill beef cattle ranches; (d) to 600 pig farms for breeding and fattening; (e) to 250 poultry-broiler farmers; (f) to 200 poultry layer farmers; and (g) to three producer associations to enable each to construct a slaughter house.


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    Memorando e recomendação do Presidente

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    Philippines - Livestock Development Project

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