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Project Information Document-Integrated Safeguards Data Sheet - Matanza Riachuelo Basin Sustainable Development Project Second Additional Financing - P176034 (Inglês)


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    Project Information and Integrated Safeguards Data Sheet

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    América Latina e Caribe,

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    Project Information Document-Integrated Safeguards Data Sheet - Matanza Riachuelo Basin Sustainable Development Project Second Additional Financing - P176034

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    water supply and sanitation; lack of access to capital; Agua y Saneamientos Argentinos; industrial pollution abatement; small and medium enterprise; environmental and social management; Environmental and Social Safeguard; operation and maintenance cost; water and sanitation utility; Occupational health and safety; access to basic service; Social and Environmental Management; wastewater treatment plant; physical cultural resources; matching grant program; construction and operation; Water Resource Management; institutional capacity assessment; high risk area; emergency response plan; water quality standard; gender equality policy; household and individual; expansion of coverage; safety of dam; impact on poverty; external debt service; debt service obligation; serious health risk; sewerage and drainage; parallel exchange rate; flood risk management; chemical oxygen demand; sustainable land use; quality of rivers; industrial pollution control; decline in revenue; Leaving World Bank; fiscal stimulus package; industrial conversion; low-income urban area; drinking water infrastructure; improving sanitary conditions; water and sewerage; water and sewage; traffic and pedestrian; improve water resource; low income settlement; quality of water; civil society representatives; damages of pollution; industrial wastewater treatment; intensive care units; water supply service; zone of influence; wastewater treatment service; financing instrument; safeguard policy; Safeguard Policies; informal settlement; civil works; environmental risk; concession area; safeguard issue; stakeholder engagement; institutional strengthening; social impact; Labor Market; pollution load; effluent discharge; domestic wastewater; mathematical model; Waste Management; sanitation infrastructure; access road; pumping station; work contracts; occupancy rate; professional association; urban drainage; Environmental Assessment; result indicator; Social Assessment; environmental condition; small area; infrastructure work; regular meetings; industrial discharge; government authority; public comment; public area; consultation activity; Leave Bank; organic pollution; secondary treatment; stakeholder consultation; prefeasibility study; construction phase; monitoring data; institutional framework; grassroots organization; annual discharge; specific volume; long tunnel; sludge treatment; environmental damages; water connection; basin resident; strategic objective; applicable legislation; Performance Standards; health systems; domestic sewage; baseline conditions; construction methodology; baseline data; water pollution; effluent quality; sewerage service; treatment capacity; sewerage infrastructure; waste dumps; drainage planning; meteorological data; raw sewage; treated wastewater; academic institution; related contract; underground work; sanitation component; water bodies; construction site; noise emission; territorial development; urban living; marginal areas; sewerage network; environmental cost; citizen engagement; construction impact; construction activities; regular monitoring; private property; pipe route; resettlement issue; court order; environmental benefit; environmental analysis; private land; safety issue; public meeting; dust emission; exhaust emission; mitigation actions; communications campaign; industrial effluent; public health; pathogenic organisms; Proposed Investment; safeguard analysis; physical characteristic; industrial source; exposure risk; municipal sewerage; Capital Investments; aerobic condition; organic matter; flood management; territorial planning; regional context; broad consultation; environmental regulation; natural habitat; irreversible impacts; international waterway; involuntary resettlement; indigenous people; Indigenous Peoples; environmental compliance; measuring poverty; stakeholder meetings; riparian issue; vulnerable communities; physical location; effective strategy; community participation; social participation; stakeholder analysis



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