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Yemen - Civil Society Organizations Support Project (Árabe)

The objective of the Civil Society Organizations Support Project for Yemen is to increase transparency and ease of entry in the Civil Society Organization (CSO) sector and enhance CSO capacity in social accountability. The project consists of the following two mutually reinforcing components that strengthen the enabling environment at the national level and build capacity of CSOs to engage effectively in development: 1) increase transparency and ease of entry in the CSO sector; and 2) CSOs capacity building: certification and small grants for action learning. The first component aims to: i) streamline and digitalize the CSO registration process to improve ease of access into the CSO sector; and ii) provide technical assistance to support Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor (MoSAL)-CSO dialogue on reforming the legal and institutional framework. The second component is concerned with delivering training for CSOs building on the basic capacity-building opportunities offered by other United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and Social Fund for Development (SFD) programs.


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    Yemen - Civil Society Organizations Support Project

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