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International Development Association (IDA) Board of Governors resolution ; no. 79 : membership of Equatorial Guinea (Inglês)

On June 7, 1971, the International Development Association (IDA) Board of Governors adopted resolution number seventy nine. It was resolved that the terms and conditions upon which Equatorial Guinea shall be admitted to membership in the Association shall be as follows: (a) The terms and conditions of the membership of Equatorial Guinea in the Association other than those specifically provided for in this resolution shall be those set forth in the Articles with respect to the membership of original members listed in Part II of Schedule A thereof (including, but not by way of limitation, the terms and conditions relating to subscriptions, payments on subscriptions, usability of currencies, and voting rights).(b) Upon accepting membership in the Association, Equatorial Guinea shall subscribe funds in the amount of 320,000 dollars expressed in terms of United States dollars of the weight and fineness in effect on January 1, 1960. (c) Before accepting membership in the Association, Equatorial Guinea shall make all payments on its initial subscription which would have been payable on or before the date of acceptance had it become a member of the Association as an original member listed in Part II of Schedule A of the Articles. (d)Equatorial Guinea may accept membership in the Association pursuant to this resolution until December 30, 1971 or such later date as the Executive Directors may determine. (e) Upon or after acceptance of membership, Equatorial Guinea is also authorized at its option to make an additional subscription in the amount of $12,240 which shall carry 1250 votes plus one vote for each 80 dollars of such additional subscription (that is, 153 votes). (f) The rights and obligations of the Association and Equatorial Guinea with regard to such additional subscription shall be the same as those which are applicable to the subscriptions authorized for Part II members under Part D of the Third Replenishment Resolution adopted by the Board of Governors on February 17, 1971.




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