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Argentina - Second Norte Grande Water Infrastructure Project : environmental and social assessment (Vol. 6) : Evaluacion social rapida (Espanhol)

The objective of the Second Norte Grande Water Infrastructure Project for Argentina is to increase access to water supply and sanitation and urban drainage services, particularly to the low-income population in the Norte Grande Region (NGR). Negative impacts include: temporary disruption to local traffic flows; temporary loss of access to recreational, residential and commercial areas; dust and noise control; handling and management of hazardous construction materials; occupational emergency response planning; erosion and sediment control; disposal of construction debris; and chance archeological finds. Mitigation measures include: maintenance and control of vehicles; control of atmospheric emissions and pollutants; hazardous and urban solid waste management; control of effluents discharged; soil movement control and vegetation restoration; control of material stocks; forestation; prevention of contingencies and emergencies; security and signals during works; control of environmental performance of contractors; communications with stakeholders; and preparation of vulnerability or environmental risks maps.


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    Avaliação Ambiental

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    América Latina e Caribe,

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    Evaluacion social rapida

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