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Argentina - Urban Flood Protection and Drainage Project (Vol. 2) : Evaluacion de impacto ambiental : informe complementario (Espanhol)

This environmental impact assessment (EIA) for the Argentina Urban Flood Protection and Drainage Project presents a plan for mitigating potentially negative impacts during the construction phase. This stage implies the supervision and control of the strict fulfillment of the following mitigation measures: a) installation of chemical bathrooms in temporary worksites, wastewater will be rightly conducted to avoid their dumping to storm water or to the Rio de la Plata basin, all necessary safety measures will be implemented in order to avoid spills, especially fuels and other hazardous materials; b) avoid or minimize the dispersion of dust and particles will be implemented; fire will not be used to waste or remaining material reduction for elimination; all applicable regulation related to air quality, gas and noise emission will be enforced; c) natural vegetation and urban trees that could be affected by construction will be protected by fences and covers; d) construction facilities must be built and maintained in a way to ensure safety conditions for both the staff and the surrounding population, areas or sites temporally occupied by the facilities and construction sites will be recovered as much as possible to the original condition, except those new components aimed to improve the community quality of life.; and e) in a case of finding archeological or historic sites, work will be interrupted and intervention of competent authority will be requested. Finally, all staff will be trained in relation to health and safety measures, education, and environmental awareness.


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    Avaliação Ambiental

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    América Latina e Caribe,

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    Evaluacion de impacto ambiental : informe complementario

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    accidents, aesthetics, affluent, area of influence, catchment, Catchment area, catchment areas, chambers, channel, channels, climate, clogging, Conservation, construction, construction sites, Construction Specifications, covers, Cultural heritage, debris, discharge, Drainage, drainage basin, drainage basins, drainage network, drainage system, drainage systems, dumping, dust, Earth Pressure, Earth Pressure Balance, electricity, emissions, engineers, environmental consequences, environmental management, environmental protection, EPB, equations, erosion, excavation, fences, fire, flood control, flood mitigation, Flood Prevention, Flood Protection, flooding, floods, footbridges, Framework, fuels, groundwater, habitats, hazardous wastes, hazards, high tides, human activities, hydraulics, hydrology, impervious areas, industrial wastes, information dissemination, inlets, international waterways, itinerary, land use, legislation, local authorities, manholes, measurements, mitigation, noise, oil spills, parking, parks, particles, passenger, pavement, Permits, pm, pollution, precipitation, programs, public safety, public transport, pumping, Quality control, radio, rain, rainfall, rainfall events, receiving waters, reinforcement, reservoirs, restoration, river, roads, routes, runoff, safety, safety conditions, safety measures, sediment, sediment accumulation, sediment traps, sedimentation, sewerage, sewers, soil erosion, soils, solid waste, solid wastes, storm events, storm water, storm water inlets, storms, stormwater, streets, structures, television, total solids, toxic substances, traffic, Traffic management, transparency, transport, transportation, trees, trenches, trucks, tunnel boring machines, tunnel construction, tunnels, underground railway, urban drainage, Uruguay, vegetation, waste, Wastewaters, water drainage, Water extraction, water quality, water quality analysis, water quality impacts, water quantity, water supply, waters, winds



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