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China - Bengbu Integrated Environment Improvement Project : environmental assessment (Vol. 6) : Environmental impact assessment report for Lilou road and Fengandong road (Chinês)

The primary project development objective is to address Bengbou's key bottleneck, such as inadequate flood control or inadequate water resource management, impeding Bengbou's economic development though priority urban infrastructure investments. The following measures and monitoring and evaluation mechanisms should be taken to minimize the environmental impacts and boost the project construction: sludge that can not be cleaned and transported will put in straw bags for storage in order to reduce dust and odor emission and avoid impact on the quality of life of residents nearby; wheels of trucks exiting the construction site should be washed to remove dirt or clay to avoid dust propagation; removed vegetation should be restored for the conservation of soil against erosion and sedimentation; daily maintenance and regular inspection to fuel burning vehicles and construction machinery should be strengthened for engines to operate at normal and good standards, tail gas emission purifiers should be installed to make tail gas comply with discharged standards; wood wasted building materials from construction will not be allowed to reused as fuel; construction time for high-noise and high vibration equipments shall be arranged for daytime hours to reduce noise generation during night construction hours; reduce transportation traffic during night hours and establish speed limits for large trucks, particularly when driving thorough residential areas; pile-up of building wasted materials in prohibited; transport vehicles carrying solid waste material must be load appropriately and covered with a tarpaulin to avoid spilling; excavation during construction period should be avoid during raining season; oil and chemical products must be kept away from river and water sources; develop a plan to handle possible leakage accidents caused by collapse and sludge flowing out into waters or farmland leading to secondary pollution; emergency preparation plan should be done in advance by project managers for the occurrence of problems impacting residential water supply and toxic discharge during construction; and finally, promote an educational campaign for contractors, beneficiaries and project staff on environmental safe practices.


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    Environmental impact assessment report for Lilou road and Fengandong road

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