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How to improve administrative frameworks and recovery of taxes on mining activity : reference manual : Comment ameliorer les cadres d'administration et de recouvrement des impots frappant l'activite miniere : manuel de reference (Francês)

This is a Reference Manual on how to improve the framework administration and collection from taxes on mining. The manual illustrates that the growth of private investment in the mining industry occurred after the collapse of the Soviet Union. It continued more or less continuously for more twenty years and continues to be one of the main characteristics of this industry. The nineties and the early two thousands were marked by significant efforts by countries to attract investment in the exploration of mineral resources and development of mining operations. Many countries have formulated and implemented competitive strategies taking into account the specifics of the mining industry with its complex international financial structures, long investment periods and operating contexts. These strategies include, in particular, tax incentiveswhich, although they are not unique to mining, constitute an important position. This reference manual is designed to provide a structured approach to assist departments responsible for finance and mining to analyze the associated challenges for the administration of taxes on mining and find ways to overcome them. It suggests forward-looking approaches to policies and practices to promote compliance with the obligations of mining payments and to promote equity while preserving the attractiveness of investments. Although this manual does not deal with the oil and gas specifically, it could apply also in large measure to the hydrocarbon industry.


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    Guj, Pietro, Bocoum,Boubacar, Limerick, James, Meaton, Murray, Maybee, Bryan

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    Comment ameliorer les cadres d'administration et de recouvrement des impots frappant l'activite miniere : manuel de reference

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