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Stakeholder Engagement Plan (SEP) KENYA COVID-19 EMERGENCY RESPONSE PROJECT (P173820) (Inglês)


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    Munzberg,Nathalie S.

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    Stakeholder Engagement Plan

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    Stakeholder Engagement Plan (SEP) KENYA COVID-19 EMERGENCY RESPONSE PROJECT (P173820)

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    Integrated Disease Surveillance and Response; personal protective equipment; Infection Prevention and Control; Environmental and Social Performance; public address system; the administration; Gender-Based Violence; Occupational health and safety; national youth service; information communication technology; international labor organization; stakeholder engagement; grievance redress mechanism; point of entry; person with disability; channels of communication; loss of life; use of media; frequently asked question; quality assurance system; emergency operations center; finance activity; blood for transfusion; time of day; Review and Responses; blood transfusion centers; Public Health Emergency; medical waste management; procurement and distribution; cost of construction; national risk; number of stakeholders; health and hygiene; severity of impact; local radio station; efficiency and quality; global supply chain; awareness raising activity; public information disclosure; municipal waste collection; police and security; code of conduct; fact sheet; safety measure; blood products; Infectious Disease; health facility; social media; vulnerable group; complaints handling; toll free; vulnerable individual; Health Workers; emergency response; stakeholder need; monitoring tool; case management; health systems; medical supply; blood bank; Natural Resources; grievance mechanism; psychosocial support; stakeholder identification; isolation rooms; seasonal use; healthcare worker; social safeguard; complaints mechanism; judicial proceeding; legal action; community representative; best practice; old person; ancestral territory; informal settlement; urban poor; public authority; blood components; hunter gatherers; laboratory equipment; forest dweller; multiple channels; nomadic pastoralist; official language; infected people; global trend; construction site; political institution; treatment facilities; marginalized group; development partner; sample collection; online platform; transport media; reference laboratory; appropriate skill; african society; focus group; blood safety; call center; Courier Services; cultural sensitivities; awareness campaign; management capacity; logistical services; local entities; community perspective; community-based approaches; call centre; short-term basis; response activity; commodity price; access requirement; severe cases; manufacturing operation; stakeholder relationship; social disruption; social engagement; international standard; process system; feedback mechanism; blood storage; resource mobilization; local circumstance; preventive maintenance; community engagement; equipment maintenance; staff capacity; international ngos; international health; public consultation; informed participation; international transport; participation process; consultation process; equal access; skill gap; human rights; border control; virus disease; community health; public engagement; project goals; chronic illness; county health; time information; sample handling; operational planning; response plan; urban centre; annex annex; health expert; national emergency; emergency situation; manual system; unemployed youth; automated system; blood volume; headed household; postal address; local population; illiterate people; immune system; financial insecurity; health condition; equal representation; medical treatment; project impact; safe disposal; stakeholder involvement; internal organizational; mitigating risk; monitoring visit; health practitioner; epidemiological characteristic; public awareness; national action; operational efficiency; medical activity; national system; referral hospitals; executive order; communication plan; safety boxes; information outreach; clinical care; national ict; support hospital; community level; reporting system; operational capacity; specific issue; confidential information; flow chart; vulnerable people; specialized equipment; critical care; public use; dedicated line; affected communities; test kit



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