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Jamaica - First Rural Development Project (Inglês)

The First Rural Development Project will contain the following principal components: (a) Support for Ministry of Agriculture: project investment will provide for additional facilties required for regionalization, including accommodations for two new regional offices, 30 additional local offices and 40 staff houses for remote areas; 30 four-wheel drive vehicles; and training for Ministry personnel. (b) Agricultural Settlement: project activities will include acquisition of 4,000 acres (in addition to 12,687 acres already purchased); elaboration of detailed physical plans for nine settlement areas; construction of settlement infrastructure, including access roads, village roads, and farm roads and tracks; construction of 820 farmhouses and the corresponding water and electricity supply system; selection and settlement of 1,400 families; provision of essential community facilities at the settlement sites to accommodate the settlement administration, social services and essential marketing requirements for agricultural inputs and outputs; land development (1,400 acres) and forestation (1,000 acres); and technical assistance to implement the settlement component. (c) Regional Infrastructure. Assistance to the Government's program to improve the economic and social infrastructure.


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    Jamaica - First Rural Development Project

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