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Sierra Leone - Revitalizing Education Development Project : environmental assessment : Environmental and social management framework (English)

The objective of the Revitalizing Education Development Project for Sierra Leone is to improve the learning environment in targeted schools and establish system for monitoring of education outcomes. Some of the negative impacts and mitigation measures include: transporting petroleum products and/or hazardous material will be done in compliance with government regulations; all employees who handle fuel or other dangerous goods on the project will have to be experienced in the handling of dangerous goods prior to working on the project; dust suppression measures such as sprinkling will be done on lateritic roads with major vehicular traffic; cement will be carefully handled when released from its sack, until it has been mixed with water and rocks to produce mortar or concrete; miscellaneous dust sources such as spillages from trucks and silts from sediment controls will be regularly cleaned up; equipment and vehicles that show excessive emissions of exhaust gases due to poor engine adjustments, or other inefficient operating conditions will not be operated until corrective repairs or adjustments are made; noise levels in the nearest settlement arising from construction activities should not exceed 55 dB; and excessive noise generated activities should be restricted to daytime and be suspended on religious or cultural occasions.


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    Environmental and social management framework

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Sierra Leone - Revitalizing Education Development Project : environmental assessment : Environmental and social management framework (English). Washington, D.C. : World Bank Group.