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Romania - Second Health Sector Reform (APL) Project : restructuring : Main report (English)

The objectives of the Second Health Sector Reform (APL) Project for Romania are: to provide more accessible services, of increased quality and with improved health outcomes for those requiring maternity and newborn care and emergency medical care, and to provide support for the preparation of the primary health care strategy. This restructuring paper seeks approval to: a) extend the current closing date by 12 months from December 15, 2011, to December 15, 2012; b) introduce new technical assistance activities to support the ongoing sector reforms; c) introduce a minor reallocation of loan proceeds among categories of expenditures; and d) revise and fine-tune the results framework. This will be the third extension of the closing date, which will result in a cumulative extension of three years from the original closing date (December 31, 2009). The restructuring will help complete ongoing activities.


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    basic package of health services;primary health care;health sector reform program;Training of Medical Staff;local expenditure;fatality rate;foreign expenditure;categories of expenditure;child health care;emergency medical care;patient satisfaction survey;vaccine production facility;public awareness campaign;Health Service Delivery;quality health care;public health problem;illness and death;local costs;contract signing;loan proceeds;medical equipment;Maternal Mortality;civil works;maternity ward;foreign consultant;neonatal care;internationally comparable;institutional responsibilities;surgical instrument;contract price;data transmission;contract execution;improved health;hospital data;neonatal death;neonatal mortality;remote area;preventable deaths;clinical studies;Project Monitoring;critically ill;vital signs;consulting service;Consulting services;intermediate indicator;budgetary resource;project intervention;emergency facilities;referral system;architectural design;fiduciary responsibility;physical rehabilitation;medical service;accessible service;response time;emergency service;neonatal services;Loan to Turkey;rural area;emergency department;



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Romania - Second Health Sector Reform (APL) Project : restructuring : Main report (English). Washington, D.C. : World Bank Group.