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Tajikistan - Nurek Hydropower Rehabilitation Project : environmental assessment : Stakeholder engagement plan - environmental and social impact assessment (English)

The development objective of the Nurek Hydropower Rehabilitation Project for Tajikistan is to promote sustainable growth, improve public administration, and develop human resources. Some of the negative impacts are includes: (i) potential pollution due to refurbishment wastes (hazardous and non-hazardous), (ii) health and safety risks that may affect workers but also local communities and (iii) regular operation of the power plant. No impact has been identified regarding downstream hydrology, upstream reservoir level and downstream water demand or use. (iv) asbestos removal and manipulation represent a major health risk that requires special precaution with respect to workers’ health and safety. (v) dismantling, installation and testing phases in such projects represent electrical hazards for workers; (vi) during the manipulation of electrical components or devices, involuntary stoppage of one or several units can occur. This can lead to a reduction of electrical production and the fluctuation of the voltage in the electricity grid. Some of the mitigation measures are includes : (i) local residents, including women, children, elderly, disabled, living adjacent to the only road connecting Nurek to the capital city and which will be using for transporting goods and materials during the project implementation. (ii) unique wildlife reserve protecting rare species of tugay, or riparian forest, ecosystems (flora and wild animals). (iii) farmers and users of water resources located downstream Vakhsh river, who are potentially impacted by the flooding risk and water discharge or modification of water flows.


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    Stakeholder engagement plan - environmental and social impact assessment

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    convention on access to information;Environmental and Social Performance;health and safety risk;legal and regulatory framework;stakeholder engagement;dam safety work;access to justice;negative environmental impact;identification of risks;power generation asset;grievance redress mechanism;stock holding;industrial water pollution;downstream water quality;participation of woman;local nongovernmental organization;hydropower rehabilitation;significant adverse impact;adverse environmental impact;social group;affected communities;public consultation;stakeholder analysis;international convention;grievance mechanism;local condition;work schedule;vulnerable individual;previous one;access road;ensuring compliance;project impact;turbine component;monthly reports;social issue;water surface;informed participation;stakeholder identification;consultation process;mitigation measure;aquatic habitat;installed capacity;environmental issue;embankment dam;participation process;representative body;operational documents;emergency situation;local association;electrical production;community base;base case;demographic information;active participation;community consultation;account changes;domestic law;safeguard provision;safeguard specialist;legal requirement;public feedback;framework law;vulnerable group;equal access;written submission;safety condition;human population;safeguards compliance;continuous process;local climate;local ngo;state authority;ecological expertise;mass media;social aspect;procedural rule;public hearing;Waste Management;project risk;environmental aspect;social information;adequate disclosure;environmental plan;electricity grid;non-governmental organization;ecological issues;floodplain habitat;hazard risk;reservoir water;physical environment;flow regime;hydrological risk;human environment;reservoir level;waste quality;electricity production;hydraulic design;noise emission;traffic risk;aquatic life;aquatic environment;desert area;hydropower plant;social data;water to community;improving management;asbestos removal;local population;generation capacity;storage capacity;administrative procedure;sediment accumulation;irrigation water;Health Workers;Water Demand;regulation effect;flood risk;aral sea;joint stock;water capacity;protected area;holding company;natural habitat;



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Tajikistan - Nurek Hydropower Rehabilitation Project : environmental assessment : Stakeholder engagement plan - environmental and social impact assessment (English). Washington, D.C. : World Bank Group.