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West Bank and Gaza - Cash Transfer Project (Arabic)

The additional financing for the Cash Transfer Project will scale up cash benefits to households living below the extreme poverty line in the West Bank and Gaza. There have been no changes to the original objectives of the project, which were to mitigate the impact of the continued socio-economic crisis on the extremely poor and most vulnerable households, and also to support the Palestinian Authority's efforts to continue reforms of the cash transfer program. The project has two components: 1) cash benefits, which will distribute quarterly cash payments to about 5,500 households living below the extreme poverty line; and 2) assistance with the reforms of the cash transfer program and with the project management and implementation, ensuring that all households living below the extreme poverty line are included in the cash transfer program. The additional grant finances the costs associated with scaling up activities under the project's first component concerning quarterly cash benefits, because the negative effects of the dire economic situation in the West Bank and Gaza have pushed more people into poverty. The additional financing also supports the Palestinian Authority's efforts to continue reforms of the cash transfer program. This support includes evaluating the accuracy of the proxy means test formula, reducing the project’s inclusion and exclusion errors, and verifying beneficiaries' eligibility through a constant monitoring and recertification process.


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    West Bank and Gaza - Cash Transfer Project

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