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Stakeholder Engagement Plan (SEP) - Somali Integrated Statistics and Economic Planning Capacity Building - P171160 (English)


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    Karamba,R. Wendy

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    Stakeholder Engagement Plan

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    Stakeholder Engagement Plan (SEP) - Somali Integrated Statistics and Economic Planning Capacity Building - P171160

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    information and communication technology; legal and regulatory framework; right of the child; Occupational health and safety; stakeholder engagement; Means of Verification; grievance redress mechanism; code of conduct; availability of data; local government institution; data collection activity; project time frame; risk management procedure; person with disability; public sector institution; chamber of commerce; society and environment; community at large; bilateral donor agency; Internally Displaced Person; Social Risk Rating; private sector public; duplication of efforts; private sector representative; consultation meeting; vulnerable group; labor use; stakeholder identification; public consultation; mitigation measure; labor management; statistical data; child labor; development partner; mutual trust; labour influx; creating job; public good; security challenge; Child Labour; reporting procedure; employment opportunity; employment opportunities; civil society; youth group; labour code; grievance management; transparent communication; Job Creation; statistical system; official statistic; international legislation; social standard; appropriate service; judiciary system; satellite image; sampling frame; nomadic population; security risk; appeal process; labor issue; other development; skill transfer; labour law; local population; labour policy; minority group; population trend; communication strategy; field staff; case resolution; sensitive issues; management responsibility; household survey; stakeholder commitment; necessary service; demographic data; safeguard specialist; awareness raising; baseline data; vulnerable communities; qualitative method; language use; data gaps; emergency accommodation; data needs; effective monitoring; monitoring activity; think tank; business community; stakeholder need; psychological support; targeted population; focus group; beneficiary feedback; information dissemination; interest group; country risk; program performance; project effectiveness; local radio; evaluation component; job market; special care; field work; monitoring tool; human dignity; public confidence; unintended consequence; field visits; budgetary resource; ongoing conflicts; government staff; know how; institutional stakeholders; project costing; risk assessment; Economic Policy; forced labor; fiscal resource; financial resource; Forced Labour; governmental departments; phone number; awareness campaign; child right; discussion topic; public policy; statistical agency; grievance mechanism; project impact



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Karamba,R. Wendy

Stakeholder Engagement Plan (SEP) - Somali Integrated Statistics and Economic Planning Capacity Building - P171160 (English). Washington, D.C. : World Bank Group.