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The World Bank Group in Afghanistan : country update (Dari)

The contents of this newsletter focus on World Bank Group support, ongoing operations, IFC investment and advisory services projects, and the Afghanistan Reconstruction Trust Fund (ARTF). The ongoing operations mentioned in this newsletter concern education and training, the financial sector, health, infrastructure, rural development, social safety nets, and urban development. Results-oriented articles in this newsletter that focus on the Bank's involvement are entitled, "Higher education takes promising shape", "Community monitoring improves project quality", and "Women gardeners gain money and confidence". This country update also mentions a new Bank report entitled "Higher education in Afghanistan: an emerging mountainscape", which represents an in-depth study of the country's higher education sector and provides a wide-ranging, evidenced-based review. It surveys a variety of higher education systems, policies and reforms from the modern world particularly in areas where Afghanistan faces the greatest higher education policy challenges.


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    Zia, Abdul Raouf [editor]

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    Sul da Ásia,

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    The World Bank Group in Afghanistan : country update

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