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Concept Environmental and Social Review Summary (ESRS) - Myanmar Forest Restoration, Development and Investment Project - P168254 (Inglês)


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    Environmental and Social Review Summary

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    Leste Asiático e Pacífico,

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    Concept Environmental and Social Review Summary (ESRS) - Myanmar Forest Restoration, Development and Investment Project - P168254

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    Environmental and Social Management Plan; Environmental and Social Review Summary; vector-borne disease; Environmental and Social Management Framework; community health and safety; sustainable management; wood-based industry; Occupational health and safety; small and medium enterprise; cultural heritage management; Gender-Based Violence; IS Building; impact on water resource; Natural Resources and Environment; information and communication technology; vulnerability to climate change; adverse impacts on biodiversity; use of child labor; sustainable management of forest; community forest management; traffic and road safety; Environmental and Social Impact; ethnic community; social risk management; finance activity; law and regulation; human resource capacity; civil society organisation; use of land; sustainable forest management; establishment of community; level of biodiversity; right to organize; adverse social impact; stabilization of slope; girls at risk; discharge of wastewater; discrimination in employment; lack of resource; forest landscape restoration; land use change; Social Impact Assessment; natural resource tenure; adverse environmental impact; conservation of forest; Integrated Pest Management; Indigenous People Plan; risk of conflict; customary land tenure; provisioning ecosystem services; renewable natural resource; Social Risk Rating; private sector engagement; international good practice; loss of biodiversity; types of instrument; road safety measure; extreme weather event; employment for woman; resettlement action plan; waste management facilities; security of tenure; exploitation of child; forest fire safety; natural disaster risk; traditional land tenure; acquisition of land; enforcement of law; forestry-related activities; sustainable natural resource; forest land use; Agricultural Value Chain; conservation of biodiversity; empowerment of communities; forest management activities; construction of facilities; consumption of energy; construction and operation; access to land; Social Assessment; stakeholder engagement; community forestry; ethnic group; forest restoration; ecotourism development; environmental risk; protected area; vulnerable group; agrochemical use; grievance mechanism; ongoing conflicts; market access; affected communities; water pollution; wood processing; community exposure; grievance procedure; community participation; community conservation; ecotourism activities; reserve forest; community grant; customary tenure; forest product; enabling conditions; participatory development; recent history; financial intermediaries; enabling environment; cultural resource; adverse risks; customary use; private investment; bicycle trail; contract worker; international waterway; community workers; support measure; natural hazard; private entity; conservation needs; environmental conservation; emergency preparedness; working condition; crop agriculture; national requirement; small holder; commercial production; mitigation measure; Resource Efficiency; Climate Risk; external relationship; minimum age; political situation; intense rainfall; vulnerable individual; labor management; adaptive capacity; women worker; human rights; livelihood opportunity; equal remuneration; resource access; contractual right; available measures; migrant labor; response planning; marginal group; child work; labour right; vulnerable household; surrounding community; air emission; unfair treatment; fire risk; sediment discharge; water bodies; project finance; existing sanitation; waste handling; tourist arrival; resource utilization; Public Utilities; health issue; contaminated area; socioeconomic impact; access restrictions; reporting requirement; community group; regulatory requirement; analytical study; forced labor; social activities; project impact; adversely impact; appropriate instruments; cumulative impact; participatory approach; traditional rights; Social Conflict; GHG Accounting; precautionary measure; nature conservation



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