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China - Shaanxi Poor Rural Areas Community Development Project : environmental assessment (Vol. 2) : Environmental and social management framework (Inglês)

The development objective of the Shaanxi Poor Rural Areas Community Development Project for China is to increase the per capita income and improve the living standard of farmers, especially the poor rural population, by supporting the development of project rural community industry ; to improve the basic public service of rural community and make mass farmers widely enjoy necessary basic public services by supporting the construction and development of public infrastructure of project community; to explore the new methods and new ways of constructing new rural communities in poor areas by supporting the development of agricultural economical cooperative organization of project community of poor counties; to realize the sustainable development of project community construction by strengthening the capacity building of poor areas and poor population. Some mitigation measures are included : The road conditions and pavement situations are improved, which increase the safety and reduce the impact of noise and dust, and then improve the convenience of residents’ production and life; Tower, drill and other equipment’s and the mud pools will occupy the farmland and the process of digging well and drilling holes will produce mechanical noise; The leakage of the mud water and the water gushing of the piles and the water gushing will impact the water quality of the specific river crossed by the bridge; A small amount of packaging, fruit and vegetable residue produced by the manual inspection and delivery of cargo from storage, a small amount of cleaning waste produced during the overhaul of the refrigeration units; The impact of the malodorous gases generated in the process of stockpiling of the medium, on the environmental air; The washing waste water generated during the process of washing the stainless steel containers, mixers, filling machines, heating kettles etc. The waste water of cleaning persimmon; Impact of agricultural films and other solid waste on the soil and agricultural production; The malodorous gas pollution generated in the piggery, dry septic tanks and biogas slurry storage digesters; The impact of malodorous and harmful gas that generated in the process of biogas fermentation; During the process of biological composting, due to the drawback in the aspects of anti-seepage and anti-rainwater, it would affect the environment of surface water and groundwater; During the process of transportation and collection of garbage, the garbage might be scattered and cause the impact on the surrounding environment.


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    Environmental and social management framework

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