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Afghanistan - Second Sustainable Development of Natural Resources Project : resettlement plan : Resettlement action plan for five villages at Aynak copper mines (Inglês)

The objective of the Second Sustainable Development of Natural Resources Project (SDNRP II) is to assist the Ministry of Mines (MoM) and the National Environmental Protection Agency (NEPA) in further improving their capacities to effectively regulate Afghanistan's mineral resource development in a transparent and efficient manner, and foster private sector development. Negative measures include: loss of asset, loss of house, loss of land acquisition, loss of income, loss of trees and crops, and loss of livelihood. Mitigation measures include: a) cash compensation on the basis of rate quoted by the villages for their houses, number of rooms in the house and family size; b) the project affected persons (PAPs)) will be able to take their livestock to the resettlement site and public grazing land is available around the resettlement site even better than available now to the PAPs. The resettlement site has essentially a rural setting; and c) since it is an arid area, there are hardly any crops in the field and whatever is there, people will be harvesting it before shifting out; and d) compensation for loss of structures (Boundary walls, masonry, veranda, well etc.) at replacement cost. This has been calculated based on the market rates since there are no government fixed rates available for these assets.


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    Resettlement action plan for five villages at Aynak copper mines

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